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Trio's Reference Page

How'd They Met

"It's quite hard to say on how the trio came to form as they are today.I guess I could say that the three starts from Zil. Before he came along, there was less trouble in town. He first came and immediately assigned to a local orphanage. I'm guessing it is where he first met Fiona, but they weren't friends yet that time.""Oh yeah and then a local, senior Vanguis[1] managed to pick him up and become his legal guardian. The man also happens to be where Ian and his mother has been living in the past few years before moving out last month. Everything just falls together from there, eventually."

[1]Vanguis: a creature of the night that consumes blood, and often conceals themselves in Hume skin to protect themselves from direct sunlight.

Their Roles in Group

In short words: Zil and Fiona is basically the life of the party, while Ian is the ‘always got dragged along’ guy


Ian (Zil calls him ‘Cory’ to piss him off) is ALWAYS visually pissed, but inside we all know he had fun and enjoyed his friends’ company. Otherwise, why is he still keeping up with the other's bullshit?He is the ‘supervisor’ of the gang. The designated driver. If everything went to shit, he fixes it).Ian does NOT like to talk to anyone outside of this friend group. If forced, he will only talk in short and simple answers like ‘No’ or ‘Get lost’. To others, he is very distant, cold, and unfriendly.

Zil/Akshay (Ian and Fiona calls him Akshay since they’re good friends) is the loudest, most annoying person of the group.He is the face of the group, and basically does the talking most of the time. The one who always gets the group into trouble. Even so, he is the voice that keeps telling Fiona and Ian to ‘live a lil’.Outside of the group, Zil doesn’t have people he trust aside a very few amount of people. Even if he's loud, around other people he would come off as a distant.

Fiona/Finny is the sunshine or the beam of positivity between the three. (She's known as a bully, but to her Zil and Ian are like her own siblings).She is still brash and is prone to physical fights, but she functions very well as the link of the group. Either a link between the three of them, or to the outside world.Unlike Zil and Ian, Fiona has other friends outside of the group. She’s the most social-able person between the three.

Trio's Height & Everyday Outfit

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NAMEAkshay NovethALIASESZil, Z, Strawberry
OCCUPATION[Main] Music Writer[Side] Delver, Hunter[Part] N/A
[PERSONALITY:He’s vain, overly-confident and narcissistic most of the time. He’s prone to anger whenever things don't go his way, and most of the time is very dramatic when he’s upset about something.]
Born in Mumbai, India, Zil grew in a very toxic household. His drunk and abusive father didn't want him, and his mother always blamed him for everything wrong in their life. Living in poverty had drove his parents to 'sell' him out as a child worker.
Working on these household, Zil had to endure mistreatment, abuse and harrasment, which much to his demise is not much different than what happened in his own home.
As he grew older, he had gathered enough savings to make a run for it, and he did. Leaving the clutches of his parents and abusive environment for good and never looking back.

[1]Vanguis: a creature of the night that consumes blood, and often conceals themselves in Hume skin to protect themselves from direct sunlight.

CITIZEN ID1499-1111-CR
FACE CLAIMShazad Latif
AGEApprox. 40[?]



v Reptiliansx Cold Places
v Fighting w/ claws. and teethx Ghosts
v Customized motorbikesx Talking about the past
v Spicy food & Strawberry milkx European Breakfast
favorite quote:

Coriander 'Ian' Thorngren [Cory, Blueberry, Iceblock]

[ Trust ] ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Ian is one of the few people that knew of Zil's past in complete sense, and vice-versa. At first, Ian's closeness to Zil at first was a direct request from their godfather, Mattheu, to keep an eye on Zil. Though over time spent they've bonded, known each other's stories and has become friends.

Fiona Finnegan Rae [Finny, Lemon]

[ Trust ] ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Zil's first true friend since he arrived in town. Despite being way younger than Zil, Zil often confides in Fiona and asks advices from her. They share a lot of mutual ideas and fun, basically duos, also partner in crimes (If Ian weren't included already).

Tharya Vanderlin Vos [Shortcake]

[ Interest ] ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡

Zil's latest romantic interest. Occassionally when they met face to face it's either they're flirting, or throwing each other casual affectionate insults. They've only spent time together lately, after a rather-bloody encounter while they were delving, despite knowing each other's exsistence for years.

Maliq [Egg, Little Hawk]

[ Nephew ] ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡

Presumably Zil's last living relative. Zil weren't aware of Maliq's presence until he heard the new that his sister had moved into the country. In an argument, Zil ended up harming his sister, leaving Maliq alone with no parent. Zil had picked him up and left him in an orphanage, and occassionally checks up on Maliq in secret to watch him grow.

Elliot Reese [Elly, Bucktooth]

[ Relaxed ] ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡ ♡

Elliot is the Grandchild of Mattheu Reese, Zil and Ian's guardian/benefactor. When Elliot visits his grandfather, he often spends time to chat with Zil, asking and learning things from him. Zil himself find comfort in sharing his experiences with the little vanguis.

Emilio Vidal Ramos [Rapunzel]

[ Ex-Boyfriend ] ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡ ♡

One of Zil's exes. They were together briefly thanks to their mutual interests and ideals. Though, both felt like they were more fitting as friends and so they ended their relationship in a good term. They remained friends until today.

Ashley / Aisha Qailah [Ash]

[ Ex-Girlfriend ] ❤ ❤ ♡ ♡ ♡

An ex that ended in a slightly good-terms. They remained friends, but Zil cannot lie to himself that he still has feelings for Ash, despite Ash being able to move on fairly quicker. Their relationship ends because Ash doesn't support Zil's ideals, and Zil himself doesn't want to change for anyone, even for Ash.

Mattheu Reese [Gramps, 'Old Sad Sack']

[ Pain in the ass ] ❤ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Mattheu is officially Zil's legal guardian, who's tasked by the Vanguis clan to keep an eye on Zil's progression (since Zil is a rather unpredictable vanguis. To Zil this just means Mattheu has him on a leash, and he weren't exactly wrong. Though, Zil couldn't complain since most of his money and accomodation were provided by him.

Scarlett [She-Demon]

[ Utter Disgust ] ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

One of the elder in the Vanguis council, despite sharing the same age with (or even, possibly younger than) Zil. Scarlett constantly judges Zil's place in the council and in the society, one to display direct agression at Zil whenever he's present in the council meetings.


NAMEZil Adarkim
AGE37 y.o
JOBRed Mage


AGE42 y.o
JOBUndead Warlock/Echo Fighter


NAMENox / Zilnos
JOBSith Inquisitor

Cyberpunk 2077

NAMEZ / Akshay Noveth
AGE40 y.o
JOBMerc / Song Writer
NAMECoriander ThorngrenALIASESIan, Cipher, Blueberry
OCCUPATION[Main] Private Investigator[Side] Delver, Intel[Part] N/A
[PERSONALITY: He’s quiet, distant, judgemental and rude. Other than Zil and Fiona, he would rather not talk at all, or even if he did say something it's often more of a critique than anything else.]
Ian grew up alone with his mother. His father served the intelligence, and was one of the best there is. Ian grew up admiring his father's works until the news of his father passing came, and he was still quite young at the time.
His father's passing made him work hard to be the best kid there is, and with his father's connection he met a benefactor that helped him with his needs. Everything went well for his family of two at the time.
As he grew, his mother began to show signs of decrease in health, forcing him to pause his job in the federal agency to stand by her and take care of her.

[2]Hume: Humanoid race without any mythical alignment. Some Humes are sensitive to Mythos magic, many aren't.

CITIZEN ID1521-0109-CR



v Quietx Crowds, noisy area in general
v Seafood, Lobster Thermidorx Candies and similar sweets
v His gadgets. Mainly iPadx Talking. In general.
v Succulentsx Singing. Can't sing for sh*t
favorite quote:
None. He doesn't say sh*t, he just do eyerolls.

Zil Akshay Noveth [Akshay, Bastard, Strawberry]

[ Trust ] ❤❤❤❤❤

Despite being a pain in the ass, Ian appreciation to Zil is unmatched. He respects him to some degree, while at the same time the one who keeps Zil from doing stupid things. In return, Zil is the one that unconsciously keep reminding him to have a life and live a little, where more often than not Ian always has his head on work with little to no rest.

Fiona Finnegan Rae [Fi, Lemonade, Grizzly]

[ Trust ] ❤❤❤❤❤

Outside, Ian and Fiona doesn't talk much. But both's love for 'gatherin information' in various means has make them a pair of jerks that nobody wants to mess with. While Fiona often felt bored and doesn't always agree with how Ian operates things, both shares mutual respect with each other from how they work in threatening people around.

Erik/a Nervaez [Eri, Erik]

[ Partner ] ❤❤❤❤❤

Their relation starts from Ian's one-sided crush on the romantically-oblivious Journalist. Eventually they grow to share a mutual feeling over working on a case together. Unlike towards other people, Ian find comfort and eases fast around Eri, letting him to put his guard down and be vulnerable and relaxed.

Mattheu Reese [Mr. Reese]

[ Benefactor ] ❤❤❤❤♡

Ian only has the outmost respect for Reese. Mattheu was a close family friend for the Thorngren family, especially to Gunnar, Ian's late father. After Gunnar's passing, Mattheu provided Eva and Ian a place to live and provided Ian with accomodations and education. Ian, in return, feeling thankful for everything the Reese had done for his family, pledges himself to be of assistance in whatever issue Reese needs finished.

Reza Rafidan Nandana ['That' guy]

[ Ex-crush ] ❤❤❤♡♡

Ian and Reza used to study in the same college, and Ian used to have a crush on Reza back then, until he realizes too late. Still, despite Reza already having a girlfriend, Ian's feelings doesn't leave easily. They remained friends until today, and Ian often visits the hospital where Reza works, mostly to tend to his own wounds and his friends'.

Dae-Hyun Nam [Annoying Client]

[ Client ] ❤♡♡♡♡

Dae-Hyun is one of Ian's returning client in his Private Investigating line of work. Dae-Hyun would often call Ian to offer work, while most of the job he offers is tad bit unorthodox, Ian doesn't turn down a gig with huge income stream. He just wishes Dae-Hyun would leave him alone eventually.

NAMEFiona Finnegan RaeALIASESFi, Finny, Lemon
OCCUPATION[Main] Univ Student[Side] Delver, Hunter[Part] Volunteer
[PERSONALITY: She is the bubbliest, most sociable and talkative. But most of the time, there's something behind her friendliness. Either she'll ask a favor from you, or just straight up demand for your money.]
Fiona was a natural bully, but at the same time she is also a natural caretaker. She is an orphan, and she was one of the eldest (and strongest) in her orphanage.
During her teen years, she'd often bully other kids outside of the orphanage to not mess with the orphanage kids. Her 'defensive' habit is still carried until today, and she is often precieved more as a bully than anything else.
As she got older and without having any family interested in adopting her, the orphanage caretaker (the Kim family) decided to take care of her and provides her with educational and living needs.

[3]Lycan: a humanoid that could transform into bestial/wild form. The registered transformed class are in forms of Canidae, Felidae, or Ursidae.

CITIZEN ID1662-3101-CR
FACE CLAIMNatalie Dormer



v MONEY.x Jazz music (sleepy)
v FPS and Roleplaying gamesx Frogs, slugs, slimy things
v Spanish soap opera, K-dramax Raw food, like sashimi
v Bearsx Classic d*sney princesses
favorite quote:

Zil Akshay Noveth [Strawberry, Senior]

[ Trust ] ❤❤❤❤❤

Fiona and Zil is almost like a two pea in a pod. An explosive pea. One that causes chaos in their neighborhood just for the sake of them having fun. To Fiona, Zil is like this older brother that is a huge pain in the ass but also would feel so dull and boring without him around.

Coriander 'Ian' Thorngren [Blueberry, Ice-wall]

[ Trust ] ❤❤❤❤❤

At first, Fiona is against having to do anything with the ice-man himself. But as she's close to Zil and Ian seems to be always sticking around Zil, Fiona grew accustomed to him and starts befriending and teases him a lot. They still don't agree to a lot of things, but they've grown mutual respect after finding a common ground in their liking to blackmail people for nefarious means.

Anthony Gillean [Baby-Boo, Tony-winy Mushywushy]

[ Boyfriend ] ❤❤❤❤❤

Anthony (or just Tony) is one of the orphanage member where Fiona originates from. They were childhood friends first, best friend second, then lovers next. Despite being younger than Fiona, Tony works hard to provide Fiona with anything she needs. As they grew older and able to live on their own, the two constantly spends time volunteering on their old orphanage every weekends.

Erik/a Nervaez [Eri, Erik]

[ Friend ] ❤❤❤♡♡

Met while they were in college, Fiona and Eri were friends from their mutual, lowkey interest in gossip and journalism. Even if they share a rather close age, Fiona would often acts like an older sister for Erik, dressing them and pampering them up, Fiona would often help Eri in building their self-confidence.

Valeria Kim [Val, Vee, V, Lei]

[ Step-Sister ] ❤❤❤♡♡

The Kim family is the one that oversee and also the takecarer of the orphanage where Fiona is from, hence where she met V, who later became one of many Fiona's childhood friend. After entering teenage years where no one seems to adopt her, Fiona was adopted into the Kim family, and since then V and Fi are inseparable, causing chaos and gossips about boys together until today.

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